RealSim–the most realistic simulation of the sense of touch

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RealSim® was originally developed for the medical market as a device to aid stroke rehabilitation by using neuroplasticity to retrain the brain’s neural pathways.

The addition of the RealSim® technology to the VR/AR ecosystem has a massive potential impact on the market by significantly increasing the realism of virtual experiences that can be delivered and by adding the powerful sense of touch to complement the existing audio visual capabilities.

RealSim—the product

The patented technology uses a number of actuators housed within a RealSim® thimble device to provide pressure, vibration, hot and cold stimuli.



The RealSim® controller allows the actuators to deliver variable frequencies, patterns and intensities of these stimuli to mimic the sense of touch for virtually any object, surface, substance or environment.

The more realistic the experience, the more powerful the solution.


RealSim—the opportunity

“Adding a realistic sense of touch is a real game-changer”


VR in games

IMAGINE feeling the ball when throwing or catching or experiencing the sensation of fending off a tackle while making
a touchdown run and enjoying a realistic high five with your teammates.


AR on mobile

IMAGINE playing Pokemon Go and being able to not only see the Pokemon character but actually feel and interact with them.


Online gambling

IMAGINE being able to pick up, interact with and feel poker chips, playing cards and dice and distinguish between the textures of all three.


Military simulation

IMAGINE a field medic being able to quickly asses the condition of a wounded soldier, check vital signs and detect the presence of blood or other fluids.


Emergency services simulation

IMAGINE being able to investigate a fire scene while being able to feel changes in temperature as well as differentiate between the thickness of different liquids.


Medical simulation

IMAGINE being able to practise surgical procedures and feeling the difference between soft and hard tissues or types of fluids with different viscosities.